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BRIGHT company cooperates with an extensive network of architectural and design firms worldwide. Provides support services to engineers, but also undertakes the development of integrated lighting planning. Research and Development team is in systematic cooperation with relevant research departments of Greek Universities, the National Technical University of Athens and lamp manufacturers in an effort to generate new ideas and innovative products.
Architects and interior designers
We work with architects and interior designers to meet the more specific requirements for lighting planning and implementation of new technologies. We aim at developing a dynamic relationship between designers and lighting consultants for the optimal lighting effect. The development of lighting technology requires professionals' constant update over the new materials (such as compact fluorescent LED, mirrors, lenses , etc.) , and we offer to our partners a complete and systematic support.
Electrical and mechanical engineers
BRIGHT’s team works closely with electrical and mechanical engineers. The technical designers of electrical installations must take into account the study of artificial lighting to calculate the positions of the lighting systems , manage the thermal loads of lighting fixtures and consider the final heights of ceilings.
Installation engineers
Senior lighting technicians apply their skills and knowledge on the implementation of lighting design. They provide guidlines to electricians and if required our team is involved with site supervision of lighting installation.