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BRIGHT Special Lighting was an active participant in the PLASMATA II exhibition that took place in the city of Ioannina from June 16th to July 9th, 2023.
BRIGHT was tasked with highlighting the exhibits and all the activities during the exhibition, wherein contemporary art conversed with the city of Ioannina.
The educational programs of the exhibition "PLASMATA II: Ioannina" placed visitors into a world where art meets tradition, the digital world and ecology in creative ways. PLASMATA II was a city wide effort, with exhibitions, concerts, workshops, discussions, and tours for spectators of all ages actively participating in this production by "Onassis Stegi".
The inclusion of lighting sources that emitted the four basic colors (RGBW) as well as their mixes was essential in order to achieve the desired lighting effect each time. This was a special functional characteristic  was a matter of great phototechnical interest. 
The main concern was the manufacture of high-tech lighting fixtures that would be in perfect harmony with the project's requirements. Simultaneously, the aesthetic intervention in the perimeter area of the city's castle was a key guideline during the study and selection process of the lighting fixtures. Lighting management for PLASMATA II was carried out with the use of advanced technology throughout the exhibition. This was done through the application of an intelligent system of wireless communication and coupling between the luminaires, creating a network of luminaires which provided the coordinating and organizing exhibition staff the comfort and convenience for direct interaction and control of fixtures both locally and remotely.
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