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Bright Special Lighting SA is participating as sponsor (on lighting) at the COOK8 - Ο Νέος Τόπος Εστίασης Ι The New Dining Place exhibition in Benaki Museum at the following two exhibits. 
Bright Special Lighting SA supports creativity and innovation and always stands next to the new ideas and approaches of the architectural industry.

First is "To Nefos" by the Canadian architects Felix Chun Lam - Ziyang Luo & Vi Ran Weng and the second is "Sea Sex and Sun" by the Greek architects Danae Vlahaki, Dafni Papadopoulou & Katerina Lioga.
The exhibition will take place to Museum Benaki (Pireos 138, Athens) from 14th of June until 31st of July 2018. The opening is on 13th of June 2018.

"Three original spaces, realized in real dimensions, and 280 more proposals from 24 countries, invite the visitor to redefine the architecture of restauration.
The exhibition follows the homonymous international design competition organized by DOMÉS International Review of Architecture, which attracted 280 proposals, by 485 participants from 24 countries. In an area of 1.100m2, the three award-winning projects (Glorious holistic, Sea sex & sun, Nefos) will be presented in real dimensions (scale 1: 1), the nine honourary mentions will be presented as models, and all entries will be presented with iconographic and design material.

Costas Alivizatos and Ioannis Kitanis propose 'Glorious Holistic', as a ritual whereby the diners, by means of a procession in the dark, are exposed to smells of life and death, sounds of nature and of craftwork, and contemplations of organic matter, before finding themselves reclining in an illuminated white box, glorifying the meal and their gathering.

A heterotopia which interrupts the expectations of urban life, offering the promise of a carefree experience, is proposed by Danae Vlachaki, Daphne-Christina Papadopoulou & Katiana-Maria Lioga with their 'Sea Sex & Sun' - a themed catering space which produces a rift with space and time and composes an illusion of summertime life, which in the end becomes an exhibit in the city, as a shop-window which constantly challenges and invites.

Felix Chun Lam, Ziyang Luo & Yi Ran Weng, in commenting on the influence of the social networking media on contemporary life, propose 'Nefos'. Each diner, by means of eight staircases, ascends, alone, into a hovering cloud. Twenty-four reflecting mirrors, which represent the 24 hours of the day, reinforce a solitary, but orgiastic, experience, in between real and virtual space."

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