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In Novi Sad Super Vero and Jumbo opened their largest hypermarket in the region. BRIGHT SPECIAL LIGHTING illuminated the building inside and outside with ΝΟΤUS 16 LENS, POTIS N, FUGA RING SP, TERES M 7 HSQUARE HEAVY and NOVUS OUT LENS.
With 10,000 square meters of sales area, the largest hypermarket in Serbia, located on the corner of Partizanska and Industrijska streets in Novi Sad, opens its doors to customers at 10 am.  The Greek hypermarket comes to Novi Sad in the year the city was named European Capital of Culture. Like Athens in Greece, Novi Sad has long been the center of education and culture in the region, which is why the city has been given a new nickname.
The inhabitants of Vojvodina traditionally like Greece and often choose this country as a vacation destination. Now they have the opportunity to buy some of the 600 Greek products all year round, from Greek fruits and vegetables to dairy products, natural olives, olive oil, sweets, teas, natural cosmetics and Monoxilitis products from Mount Athos, which are only available in Super Vero.
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